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Robert Bird

Prior to joining Coventry University in September 2007 he was a Superintendent responsible for the Territorial Operations, Coventry (South) for West Midlands Police including the Midlands Counter Terrorism Holding facility at Chace Avenue, Coventry which was responsible for Midlands’s wide Terrorist operations detainees.

Robert served in the police for 30 years, the latter half of that service was predominantly concerned with major crime, disorder and operations. He was involved in a wide number of major criminal investigations, primarily in the role of Senior Investigating Officer investigating offences of murder. He was a bronze and silver Public Order Commander and in the latter context was Operational Silver Commander during Operation Javari Sunday 24th October 2005, an outbreak of major Civil Disorder during which numerous serious offences occurred including murder and a police officer was shot. He was a trained MODACE (Management of disaster and civil emergency) Commander and had extensive experience in Management of Sporting events as a bronze and silver Commander. He was extensively used for Public Order Tactical Adviser training and courses.


Dan Goldsmith

Dan’s interest in computing started in the early 1980’s when his Grandfather introduced him to the ZX80, a machine that still has pride of place on his desk today. After graduating from Coventry University with a First class honours degree in Computer Science, he completed a PhD program in Wireless Sensor Networks, and now teaches Systems Security (with an emphasis on the Linux kernel, and Advanced Computational Demonology.

When not teaching, Dan can be found taking part in outdoor pursuits, answering questions of stack exchange, refining the design of his Arduino clone, or coding for the sheer joy of solving a problem.


Diana Hintea

Currently I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at Coventry University, teaching a series of modules such as programming, activity led learning project tutorials and digital forensics, being a module leader for two modules in forensics (BSc year 1 and MSc). I am also keen on research activities in the areas of machine learning, car cabin thermal comfort, reinforcement learning and digital forensics. I've published several papers, a patent and disseminated my research via a series of external events. I am also an International Program Committee Member for International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO) and a holder of the ACE certification.


Awinder Kaur

I am a Lecturer in Information Systems at Coventry University teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students on modules such as Business Information Systems (BIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Innovation and Knowledge Management, IT Strategy, Enterprise Systems and others.

I received my PhD from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, where my dissertation on IPv6 adoption and assimilation was supervised by Dr. Harminder Singh and Prof. Felix B Tan. My research was supported by a grant obtained from Internet New Zealand. Apart from my PhD research, I have also conducted research on digital literacy and police practice in New Zealand. During my doctoral studies, I taught various modules at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including enterprise systems (SAP), business process management and the introductory information systems modules for undergraduate at Auckland University of Technology.

Prior to joining Auckland University of Technology, I did my Masters in Computer Science at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on IPv6. I was also a Research Officer at National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6) Centre, Malaysia.

My research interests include IPv6 research (security, adoption, assimilation, etc), IT/digital infrastructure adoption and assimilation, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Derrick Newton

Derrick is the Course Director for BSc/MSci Ethical Hacking and Network Security. He joined Coventry University in 2012 following completion of a PhD in computer science at the University of Birmingham. Prior to that, Derrick was a senior computer manager and computer consultant to SMEs with a medium-sized firm of chartered accountants based in the south-east of England. While Derrick's teaching duties include ethical hacking, systems security and secure programming his research interests are focused upon formal modelling of security protocols and cryptography.


James Shuttleworth

James is an Emacs user that justifies his habit by maintaining a career in academia, in which many text files are edited, much source code is wrangled and markups from org, to markdown to latex and html are abundant. Current research interests are in implementation of high-level security functionality in software define networks, machine-learning for the detection of steganographic images, security issues in IoT environments and fuzzing at large and small scales. James currently teaches programming, algorithms and data structures as well as leading the undergraduate first-year cybersecurity and Ethereal Hacking activity-led learning (ALL) projects.



Antal Goldschmidt

Antal (pronounced as: tono) is employed as a Research Assistant at Coventry University. His research focuses on implications and implementations of SDN architectures for Computer Security. He is using Emacs and Org mode as his main tool for generating documents for Research/Teaching, mainly due to peer pressure. Luckily this approach seemed to have worked out excellent for him so far.



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