The Cybersecurity researchers within the school work together and with members of the wider faculty on a number of projects and have regular opportunities for new PhD students. Current work covers a range topics such as security for low-powered embedded systems, software defined networking, enhancing security through machine learning, protocol analysis, detecting and analysing steganography, vehicle security and security in BYOD environments.

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Our staff have a wide range of experience that could help you and your business develop tools and platforms securely, evaluate the security of existing systems or assist in the development of procedures for enhanced security.

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February 2016: Coventry Undergraduates off to Securitay

For the second year running, students on the Ethical Hacking and Network Security course are being shipped up to Abertay to join in the fantastic Securitay conference.

November 2015: CTF Team's first event

The CUEH CTF team, the Ethical Slackers, took part in their first event. The RUCTFe event was a lot of fun and brought together students from across the course as well as a few staff. We came 61st our of over 300 entrants and 2nd in the UK. Not bad for a new team.


Smaller and less scientific results may still be interesting, so we publish them on our blog site.

Recent Exploited CVEs


  • Derrick Newton. Attack on a classical analogue of the dunjko, wallden, kent and andersson quantum digital signature protocol. CoRR, abs/1509.03843, 2015. [ bib | http ]