CUEH - Facilities

Ethical Hacking Lab

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For staff and students, this lab is the centre of most of our work. Separated from the rest of the university network when needed, the computers and equipment in the lab are under our control. Each machine can be connected to the lab network, the university network or both at the same time.

Standard tools are installed, from Kali Linux to wireshark and FTK. When new software is needed, anyone can log in as administrator to install it and every machine can be reimaged from the master within minutes. This isn't a room for logging in to your e-mail accounts!

Around the room are a series of cabinets. Within, we have the tools and devices we might need, from a range of networking devices and access points to programmable embedded systems and oscilloscopes.

Networking Lab

Networking happens here. Someone who can crimp a cable without losing a finger should write something.

Virtual Labs

In addition to our physical labs, we have developed a virtual lab space that dramatically increases the flexibility of our work. Currently, two separate servers provide high-powered virtualisation capabilities that can be used for running individual virtual machines through to extensive networks.

One server is used for students to work within the virtual networks we have set up. The other is used for research and development of the virtual infrastructure. In 2016, we are adding a third, even more powerful, machine to use for research only,