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Hold on to your brain

It's written in large text in the readme.

Share and use docker images over bittorrent, local writes being overlaid with something like the nifty UnionFS.

Our friends in the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit – Technical Intelligence Development Unit (WMROCU – TIDU) have a job opening.

The role sounds really interesting and the projects they get up to there seem like a lot of fun if you like the kinds of things we do on our course.

Course Promotional Video

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Yep, that's me. So much filming time and then Tom, our video guy, must have had a long night trying to edit it into even this short clip.

So there's a blog now

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Expect a few "ignore me"/"not a post" posts.

But then a stream of pure awesome. Like a new notebook, we'll write amazing content and this time we'll keep it up.

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